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Sometimes called "Pre Hypertext Processing", PHP is the de-facto standard, open-source, web development language driving the internet today. It can be used to create very simple web pages, or dynamic, highly robust, secure website systems and components. PHP is what we use to code most of our sites now. It is widely supported with features and fixes being released almost monthly. Tera Bear Consulting demonstrates best practices by monitoring and implementing updates to PHP as needed in order to keep our custom web application development projects and those of our managed dedicated server hosting customers which are using PHP up to date, stable and secure. Tera Bear also offers experience in Perl development and can provide hosting and support to websites and larger applications written in that language as well.

Featured php web development websites from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
PHP Web Development | DocRepository

DocRepository is a encrypted, flexible, document repository program written in PHP which allows the owner to instantly create different types of file repositories to upload and distribute files to selected groups of users. Files in each repository may be freely accessible and unprotected, protected by requiring a password, and/or protected by requiring the user to provide contact information prior to gaining access. Features also include streaming and downloading of audio and video files within a repository. Our superb PHP web development team allowed for the application to be designed and implemented to the client specifications quickly, and under-budget.

Health and Fitness Program | BasixWellness

BasixWellness is a comprehensive, employer-supported, branded, wellness program provided by Basix, LLC. It is a benefit provided to employees by their employers. Tera Bear Consulting provided consultation, application development services, and project management for a complete rebuild from the ground up of this comprehensive, dynamic, multimedia-rich, data-driven, health and wellness website. Features include account management, multi-tiered administrative reporting derived from user input, a graphical food database, BMI calculations, and audio and video content management. Ongoing support involves general SEO web development, server hosting, email hosting, and database maintenance.

Online Reservation System | Tropical Island Retreats

In addition to managing their villa websites through custom CMS software and managed WordPress hosting, Tera Bear Consulting created the online reservation system for Tropical Island Retreats, allowing their customers and agents to book reservations, and communicate with the management team securely from initial point of contact through post-stay, followup correspondences. Other features of the system include an elegant user interface design providing the ability to update information about each villa across multiple websites, secure reservation booking and approval, secure messaging, guest contact management, and an option for secure payment processing.

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