User Interface Design and Analysis

One of the most vital but seemingly esoteric aspects of web development is the user interface. There are many different ways to set up how a user can enter, manipulate, and retrieve data. While it may seem obvious to use a text field, checkbox, or button to get data into or out of the system, complex workflows or "use cases" can compound the amount of work a user has to do as a system grows in complexity, adding time, labor, and confusion to actions that should be relatively straightforward. We provide user interface design and analysis as one of the first stages of web application development. Tera Bear Consulting has many years of real-world experience in these areas and provides thoughtful consideration to the potential features a system may need when designing the user interface.

Featured user interface design and analysis projects from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
CMS Software | Pro Artist Websites

Pro Artist Websites offers easy-to-use website building and management tools for musicians, businesses, families, and just about anyone who has text, images, audio and/or video to deliver via the web. This comprehensive web-based content management system (CMS Software) was developed by Tera Bear Consulting to provide an easy, affordable way to distribute content over the internet and includes an integrated contact management database and events calendar. We also offer expert managed WordPress hosting for those who need something more diverse and sophisticated.

Online Reservation System | Tropical Island Retreats

In addition to managing their villa websites through custom CMS software and managed WordPress hosting, Tera Bear Consulting created the online reservation system for Tropical Island Retreats, allowing their customers and agents to book reservations, and communicate with the management team securely from initial point of contact through post-stay, followup correspondences. Other features of the system include an elegant user interface design providing the ability to update information about each villa across multiple websites, secure reservation booking and approval, secure messaging, guest contact management, and an option for secure payment processing.

Ecommerce Website Development | CEWarehouse

Until they were bought by Staples in 2005, Corporate Express was one of the world's leading office supply businesses. Tera Bear Consulting was asked to put our ecommerce website development skills to task and create a lightweight, easy to administrate ecommerce application allowing Corporate Express warehouses worldwide to post images, prices and descriptions of products in order to sell excess inventory to preferred customers. Separate secure websites were created for each of the 23 warehouses. Other requirements included featured vendor designations, discount calculations, multiple category assignments, and an intuitive user interface design.

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