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All websites today require an emphasis on security. With hackers, crackers, identity thieves and phishers all scamming to steal data and company credibility for their personal amusement, as an egotistical challenge, and/or for fees paid by your competitors, website security can not be overlooked by responsible businesses. Privacy and security is not achieved simply by encrypting the website using SSL, but by doing due diligence and regular audits to ensure the code is not subject to SQL database injection, cross-site scripting attacks, outdated third-party software, and other common exploits. Tera Bear Consulting takes every precaution with the security needs of our virtual dedicated server hosting clients, those using Content Management Systems such as WordPress, and those needing full-fledged encryption and SSL Certificates.

Featured secure website from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Secure Website | Word Secure Messaging

Word Secure is Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides secure messaging systems to organizations and individuals to demonstrate HIPAA and HITECH compliance, and send data and file attachments securely without the need for email client plugins or in-house IT support. Tera Bear Consulting managed the development of this system, from concept to completion. Word Secure allows users to exchange secure messages to approved recipients over an encrypted SSL/TLS web connection. We also managed the keyword research, article writing, and SEO campaigns for which, as of this writing we are proud to say was #2 on Google and in the top 5 for the competitive keyword term secure messaging on Bing, Yahoo and most other organic search engine results. Tera Bear also manages the online credit card processing and ecommerce.

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