Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Many of our web application development customers also make use of our affordable "one stop shopping" approach to on going web application development by using our reliable, virtual dedicated server hosting services under FreeBSD Jails. In addition to building and managing websites, Tera Bear Consulting also provides virtual dedicated hosting which offers isolated development, staging, production and email servers to help ensure best security practices, proper testing, and optimal availability for systems undergoing regular development cycles. This allows adequate testing of 3rd party programs all client applications depend on and helps ensure security patches can be tested and implemented quickly and reliably prior to any changes being made to the live production server. FreeBSD not your bag? We also consider our clients' special needs in order to provide managed dedicated server hosting of their Linux systems as well.

Featured virtual dedicated server hosting client from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting | BasixStudent is one of the many value-added websites offered by Basix, LLC. provides vendor-sponsored health product and service discounts to students as an incentive to participate in insurance plans offered by their school. In addition to providing Basix with virtual dedicated server hosting for their web hosting needs, Tera Bear Consulting also provides custom web application development services for their wellness program software.

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