Custom Web Application Development

At the heart of our business is custom web application development. Depending on the needs of the project, we may implement a framework to help speed up progress with providing standard functionality. In some cases where unique workflows are required, third-party frameworks have limitations, resulting in just as much if not more hand-written code as without relying on them. For that reason we often approach our custom web application development projects by leveraging our own subroutine libraries from other projects we've developed over the years. This allows for maximum speed and flexibility to the benefit of our clients' wallets. Some of our custom applications include web content management, online reservation system, B2B portal systems, and mobile website development.

Featured custom web application development project from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Custom Web Application Development | Market Illumination

Market Illumination worked with Tera Bear Consulting to build its membership-driven, web-based assessment tools with a focus on providing training and consulting in the highly specialized area of marketing through the use of color psychology. We provided custom web application development, hosting and support to design and build their secure, web-based application, ecommerce, online surveys, and membership systems.

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