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Everyone likes having special attention paid to them. A B2B portal provides a special website where customers can submit orders, interface with your staff, upload files, make payments, and register compliments as well as complaints, securely, day or night. A Business-to-Business, or B2B portal is commonplace in many industries. Doctors' offices will often use a health portal to communicate with patients securely, for example. Portals are like a special club where members receive special treatment and can get access to things not just any person off the street can. They also provide a place where internal staff can interface, solve problems, and notify customers of the solutions efficiently and effectively. Tera Bear Consulting has built various kinds of B2B Portals over the years. They go by different names but all boil down to providing 24/7 customer service over the internet.

Featured B2B Portal from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
B2B Portal | Isonas Security Systems

ISONAS Security Systems is a pioneer in the field of physical access control and security. Tera Bear Consulting developed a secure, B2B portal (Business-to-Business) allowing for secure access to content management for staff and training, promotion updates, competitive intelligence, and vital communications between Isonas and their partnering reseller companies worldwide. We also provided site web design, intranet support, image map utilities, web forms, third-party tools installations and configuration, software project management and support for various, in-house applications.

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