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Protection of private and personal information is a no-brainer in the age of the internet. As anyone in the business will tell you -- nothing on the internet is safe. If it is so important that no one can ever find out about it, don't put it on the web. Convenience drives necessity however and U.S. Federal laws such as HIPAA and HITECH requires any and all Protected Health Information (PHI) now be encrypted and those with access are required to sign Business Associates Agreements acknowledging their commitment to protect and never disclose such data. Health Portal software has actually improved patient and doctor communications by allowing it to be easier and better documented. Tera Bear Consulting has developed secure B2B portal, health portal and secure website messaging software helping health care and insurance professionals demonstrate best practices for protecting patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

Featured health portal from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Health Portal | Prosocial Applications

Leading the development and implementation of the Prosocial Applications Caregiver Alliance Toolbox, Tera Bear Consulting helped to design the database and user interface with this HIPAA compliant, web-based information system and health portal used by individuals, doctors and family caregivers to manage vital healthcare records, provide audit trails based on data accessed and entered, grant selective 24/7 access to health and human service providers, and achieve accountable, high quality care. This secure, database-backed, fully scalable web application provided cutting-edge healthcare management and accountability.

Health and Fitness Program | BasixWellness

BasixWellness is a comprehensive, employer-supported, branded, wellness program provided by Basix, LLC. It is a benefit provided to employees by their employers. Tera Bear Consulting provided consultation, application development services, and project management for a complete rebuild from the ground up of this comprehensive, dynamic, multimedia-rich, data-driven, health and wellness website. Features include account management, multi-tiered administrative reporting derived from user input, a graphical food database, BMI calculations, and audio and video content management. Ongoing support involves general SEO web development, server hosting, email hosting, and database maintenance.

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