WSW3 Networks Consulting Reviews and Testimonials

Here is some of what our long-term clients have to say about WSW3 Networks leading the development of their websites and web application projects, from ideas to development through to completion and beyond. We provide long-term support and on-going maintenance for many of our clients below. References available upon request.

Basix Consulting: Making Your Health Plan Better!

Application Hosting Client Since 2007
“Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

“WSW3 Networks initially helped me with discrete IT projects and has now transitioned into the lead web developer for a relatively complicated website. I admire their commitment to quality development and real understanding that if my clients aren't satisfied, ultimately none of us has work!” -- John D. Fry - Basix, LLC

HBC-SLBA: Healthcare Management and Benefit Consultants Specializing in Higher Education

Software Project Management Client Since 2006
“WSW3 Networks Rocks!”

“I have been using WSW3 Networks services since my company was formed in 2006. They are innovative and knowledgeable, and always provide reliable and timely services. Jon Lybrook and his team are accessible and provide feedback in terms that are easily understood. They take time to understand project goals and assist in providing the best solutions for optimizing productivity, technological solutions, and providing excellent customer service. I highly recommend WSW3 Networks. ”
-- Doreen Hodgkins - HBC-SLBA, LLC.

KGNU Community Radio for Boulder Colorado and Beyond

Web Content Management Client Since 2000
“Excellent web development...”

“Since 2000, Jon Lybrook and Tear Bear Consulting have provided excellent web development, hosting and support services to the Colorado Capitol Coverage Project. They're easy to work with and efficient. I highly recommend them.”
-- Sam Fuqua, Station Manager, KGNU Community Radio

Isonas Security Systems

B2B Portal Client Since 2006
“Our web site was completed on time, on budget and was really well received by our target market.”

“WSW3 Networks arrived at Isonas and was exactly what we were looking for: They provided the technical and interpersonal skills that allowed us to convey the intent and feel of the B2B portal web site that we had in mind, and then Tera Bear produced that site in real time. With every iteration of the developing web site, Tera Bear was patient and willing to discuss any and all changes while at the same time providing valuable insight in a collaborative manner. Our web site was completed on time, on budget and was really well received by our targeted market.”
-- Michael Radicella - President/CTO Isonas, Inc.

Webelists: Mail List Management Services

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Client Since 2002
“Knowledgeable, informed, creative thinkers, and great communicators.”

“I'm going into my 15th year in business and I couldn't have done it without WSW3 Networks... It seems like most emergency calls happen at odd, inconvenient hours and Tera Bear is always responsive to that. Most of all I appreciate your company's integrity and honesty... I feel that we have a good bond of trust...”
-- Tom Rouse - WEBELISTS

SLBA: Healthcare Management and Benefit Consultants Specializing in Higher Education

Perl Development Client Since 2002
“The reliability and timeliness ... is outstanding.”

“My firm has used WSW3 Networks for more than ten years to provide our web site, survey system, secure messaging, document repository, and specialty IT programming. As a software project manager, Jon Lybrook communicates complex information and distills challenges and solutions in ways that are always exceptionally helpful.”
-- Steve Beckley - Stephen L. Beckley and Associates, Inc.

Bert Lams: Guitarist

Web Site Development Client Since 1996
“Tera Bear has been a joy to work with.”

“I've worked with WSW3 Networks for the past seventeen years. Whenever I have a question, or suggestion for improving my site, they are quick to reply, and quick to resolve the problem. I've been enjoying the flexibility of my site as well: With the added features I can now edit all the webpages on my site.”
-- Bert Lams, Composer, Musician & Teacher

Niwot Hops Farm

Google Search Optimization Client Since 2008
“Expert SEO and Google Search Optimization”

“WSW3 Networks helped us get our site up and running, and we've been very pleased with their level of service and professionalism. As a do-it-yourself webmaster, I've relied on them to host several websites for us over the years and have been able to benefit from Tera Bear's expert web applications support, and especially in the area of Google search optimization. As a result, our improved search placement has translated directly into sales opportunities for our business.”
-- Will Witman - Niwot Hops

California Guitar Trio

Web Site Development Client Since 1996
“Extremely reliable and excellent service.”

“In our twelve years of working very closely with WSW3 Networks, I am happy to report that this company is extremely reliable and excellent to work with. Tera Bear built and managed our beautifully functional website, including a webstore and tour schedule that are very easy to use and allow us to update the website ourselves. In addition to the website, Tera Bear produced a very successful live webcast concert from the Boulder Theater. Thank you Tera Bear!”
-- Paul Richards - California Guitar Trio

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