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From traditional, static HTML websites, to CMS-driven ones, such as WordPress, Tera Bear Consulting has built, configured, integrated and managed hundreds of websites for businesses and organizations for nearly two decades.

Tera Bear Consulting specializes in web site development for people with businesses who need a clear message, and branded image in order to be found on the web. We help our clients refine their message through writing, compelling images, and a dynamic, interactive visual experience, without going overboard, of course. Our methodology involves sound web site development principles and practices with a focus on quality, written content first, and bling second. We also recommend our partner WSW3 Network's Easy to use website builder for website design to help you get a site online quickly.

We also offer affordable, easy-to-use CMS software, and tools such as Pro Artist Websites for building artist and event-driven websites with power behind them!

Featured web site development project from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Web Site Development | Horizon Organic Baby Infant Formula

HorizonOrganicBaby.com was the flagship website for Horizon Organic's Infant Formulas until the product was discontinued in 2005. Tera Bear Consulting developed this multi-tiered, dynamic website from the company designer's requirements, combining server-side browser detection, Dynamic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets to provide a seamless, cross-platform experience under Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer. We develop all of our web sites and systems to ensure compatibility with these three browsers, but are also able to provide mobile web development compatibility for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and other platforms as well.

SEO Web Development | Triple J Ranch Events

Triple J Ranch Events is a woman-owned business located in rustic and romantic New Mexico! Web provided Managed Wordpress development, hosting, as well as Social Media content development and marketing. In the development of their website, we researched competitive keywords vital to the new business getting seen online. The website now boasts over 400 views per month and 1000 Facebook likes.

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