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One of the most common ways to create, modify, or publish data on the internet is by using a Content Management System - or CMS software. Almost no one edits files directly on the server through a terminal shell anymore (besides us). CMS Software is typically a secure website encrypted using SSL and password-protected so only those who need to be able to access and edit content may do so. Tera Bear Consulting has created and managed many different kinds of CMS software with a variety of requirements over the years including web pages, photos, audio, video, file uploads, streaming, and secure messaging. Our CMS software systems offer an intuitive user interface design and analysis of web visitor statistics, as just one of many customizable features.

Featured CMS Software from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
CMS Software | Pro Artist Websites

Pro Artist Websites offers easy-to-use website building and management tools for musicians, businesses, families, and just about anyone who has text, images, audio and/or video to deliver via the web. This comprehensive web-based content management system (CMS Software) was developed by Tera Bear Consulting to provide an easy, affordable way to distribute content over the internet and includes an integrated contact management database and events calendar. We also offer expert managed WordPress hosting for those who need something more diverse and sophisticated.

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