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WordPress is among the most widely used, open source blogging and web content management systems in use on the internet today. It offers tens of thousands of addon tools to help expand functionality, as supported by just as many 3rd-party developers throughout the world. It is also a little unwieldy at times and can require the attention of an experienced software developer to make it do exactly what you need. Tera Bear Consulting has been providing WordPress site hosting and mainteannce and can consult with you on the best social media widgets, Google Search Optimization plugins, and custom modules. With Wordpress, you can see the result sooner, rather than later. After all, WordPress should allow you to spend more time writing content for your site, not fixing it!

Featured Managed Wordpress Hosting Project from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Managed WordPress Hosting | IntaglioEditions.com

Intaglio Editions is a specialized, photogravure, fine art printmaking services bureau. WordPress is easy to get running, but certainly not without its challenges as anyone who's worked with it will tell you. Let us help you to keep it working 24/7/365 with our retainer-based WordPress management and hosting services. We can also help you integrate your custom video content with your WordPress site using cross-platform integration software, like Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube.

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