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Once a website has been built, how is it found? 99 times out of 100 it is found by visitors via search engine goliath Google. Most website owners don't worry about Search Engine Optimization (otherwise known as SEO web development) until after they've been on the web for a year or so, and then start to realize the amount of traffic to their website is not up to where they had expected. This is because they didn't take the time to give their site the attention by way of adequate Google Search Optimization. Some businesses are highly competitive on the web, and so you can't overlook the edge that search optimization provides your business. Optimization is an ongoing process but involves several initial stages: 1) Keyword Research, 2) Competitive Analysis, 3) Content Writing, 4) On-Page SEO and 5) Link Building. Tera Bear Consulting specializes in Google Search Optimization and can provide solid advice and services to get your website found by more qualified visitors.

Featured Google Search Optimization Project from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Google Search Optimization | Niwot Hops Farm

Niwot Hops provides organically grown hops, herbs, and raw, unfiltered Colorado honey. We have provided website hosting and Google Search Optimization consultation to them since their farm began. Niwot Hops provides choice organic hops to well-known brewers throughout Colorado including Avery Brewing Company, Oskar Blues, and smaller, hand-crafted brewers. Niwot Hops also provides organic herbs and vegetables to gourmet restaurants along Colorado's Front Range. We are working with Niwot Hops and continuing to serve them as they grow into requiring larger web-based services, including possibly a B2B Portal and Ecommerce Website Development to better serve their customers.

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