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Anyone who's gone to the time and expense of developing a website expects it to look good on mobile phones and tablet devices too. While this is usually the case it isn't always. Not to be confused with mobile phone apps, such as those for the iPhone, Mobile website development involves making sure websites look and work well on mobile devices as well as stand-alone computers over the internet. Some functionality on complex websites or applications does not always work correctly or consistently right out of the gate. Tera Bear Consulting developers do their best to keep up to date with the standards to provide a clean user experience, regardless of the devices used to access your website. When there are exceptions we will almost always be able to fix the problems at no additional charge to the client. When there is a requirement that a B2B portal or other web application work on a particular device's browser, it's best to let us know that up front so we can ensure the system is designed with that devices' quirks and limitations taken into consideration. Usually it's just a matter of doing some simple browser detection and delivering a custom style sheet designed for that browser and device.

Featured mobile website development project from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Mobile Website Development | PoolMaids

PoolMaids was an early adopter of web-based, mobile service management technology. PoolMaids contracted with Tera Bear Consulting to build web and mobile device interfaces to a web database system allowing customers to request service, change appointments, pay bills and communicate securely with administrative staff. Service personnel are in turn able to check on appointments, program and adjust their routes, check customer records, and report on customer service activities through this GPS-friendly, B2B portal. Though no longer online, this was one of the more interesting systems we built in the early days involving mobile website development.

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