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Application hosting is one of the things Tera Bear Consulting does best. We not only build great web-based systems, we also host them too. Our application hosting services involves not just running servers, but making sure they and their data are backed up nightly in three week cycles so if there's a problem we can go back to the data as it appeared on almost any given day. With a track record of 99.99% uptime, our application hosting also includes regular security code updates to the 3rd party applications your systems rely upon, such as MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl and many others. We test all third party releases before implementing them across all our virtual dedicated hosting servers too, so there are no surprises.

Featured application hosting clients from our Website Development Company Portfolio:

Application Hosting | Basix LLC

Basix Services offers customizable, web-based health promotion services through various channel websites to its client-companies, including value-added discounts and benefits for selected university-based healthcare groups through, custom health and wellness management for members through, as well as insurance benefit consulting. Tera Bear Consulting provides application hosting, Google Search Optimization, FreeBSD Unix server hosting, email and system administration, website stats reporting, and technical support services to Basix, LLC.

Perl Development | Higher Education Survey System provides a flexible, secure, web-based survey application written in Perl to assist university and college health care administrators determine policy and planning priorities based on input from students, parents, faculty and staff. Complex cross-referencing of data based on questions and demographics among multiple schools makes this application unparalleled in its versatility and usefulness to universities and other institutions. We provide ongoing development, hosting and support to this project originally developed by AES Consulting and Stephen L. Beckley and Associates, Inc.

Health and Fitness Program | BasixWellness

BasixWellness is a comprehensive, employer-supported, branded, wellness program provided by Basix, LLC. It is a benefit provided to employees by their employers. Tera Bear Consulting provided consultation, application development services, and project management for a complete rebuild from the ground up of this comprehensive, dynamic, multimedia-rich, data-driven, health and wellness website. Features include account management, multi-tiered administrative reporting derived from user input, a graphical food database, BMI calculations, and audio and video content management. Ongoing support involves general SEO web development, server hosting, email hosting, and database maintenance.

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