Icecast Server

Streaming audio over the internet is not limited to music. There are a lot of interesting uses for live webcast and recorded audio. Icecast is a streaming, open-source media project that allows for internet broadcast of audio in a variety of popular formats, including Ogg Vorbis and MP3. The icecast server allows for various quality levels to be provided simultaneously, both in mono and stereo so that hundreds of people to connect and listen simultaneously, maximizing system resources and allowing the administrator to balance constraints of digital audio artifacts and lag (playback interruptions).

Featured icecast server project from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
Icecast Server | SLOOH Space Camera Website

SLOOH is an astronomy enthusiast website that has access to space observatories around the world. Tera Bear Consulting worked with the staff at SLOOH to consult with them, and build and configure their first Icecast server. The audio server allows telescope operators to give live tours of the constellations and planets in real-time, as they are being directed and viewed by SLOOH members.

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