Whole System Enterprise Solutions for the Web

Preconfigured, secured, fast, and reliable web systems for small businesses needing a website and secure messaging solution.

DevOps Business Service for Legacy Systems - Includes Dev and Production Virtual Hosts and WordPress Sites

Ideal for legacy websites you need to help maintaining.
* Up to 3 Virtual Hosts for Development, Staging and Production Websites
* 3 Dedicated IP addresses
* 5 Hours of Development work per month
* Dedicated GIT code repository
* Domain and DNS Management
* Email Forwarding
* Secure Certificates for Business (not included)
* Website Visitor Behavior & Analytics with AWStats
* Pay one year in advance by check for a 3% discount.

Professional Web Development, SEO, and Web Security Consulting Services Also Available.

WHMCS - Customer Service Portal Basic Installation

WHMCS can be used for any service business to manage customers and accept payments over the web. Installation and setup includes 3 Categories and up to 15 products. Secure certificate for 2 years is included. Merchant account also required. Free consultation.