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Monitoring Intermittent Database Connection Problem for WordSecure

  • 11th August 2018
We have been monitoring all WordSecure systems to track down an intermittent database connection problem some users have reported.  Last night we responded to an outage around 2am and were able to isolate the problem, and took action to optimize the databases.We will continue to monitor the issue.Best regards,WSW3 NETWORKSWhole Systems for the ...
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Unplanned Outage

  • 29th July 2018
Dear WordSecure Messaging Customer,We wanted to report a service outage affecting all WordSecure accounts over the weekend. The outage lasted from approximately 6pm on Friday, July 27 until 2pm on Sunday, July 29.  This weekend it was decided to reinstall the operating system on a new server and re-configure the main system from the ground, up.  ...
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Managed Services Companies Outsource Legacy Web Support for Security and Best Practices

  • 1st June 2016
As professional IT consultants we feel our clients' pain on a daily basis -- truly we do.  And while not every technical problem is unique or difficult, clients tend to perceive them that way. SaaS vendors, who often have a much different agenda than the customer, also demand alot of an MSP's time and resources. This can pull a young account ...
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Traditional Hosting for Small Business - NOT in the Cloud!

  • 9th May 2016
In today's cloud-driven environment, keeping your data off the grid is something of a luxury anymore. Sure, the price of online storage is cheap, but how important is the security of the data your are collecting, and that of the customers you are building a relationship with?  Just exactly how many Amazon system administrators have access to ...
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