Managed Services Companies Outsource Legacy Web Support for Security and Best Practices

  • Wednesday, 1st June, 2016
  • 18:07pm

As professional IT consultants we feel our clients' pain on a daily basis -- truly we do.  And while not every technical problem is unique or difficult, clients tend to perceive them that way. SaaS vendors, who often have a much different agenda than the customer, also demand alot of an MSP's time and resources. This can pull a young account manager or system administrator in many different directions since, in spite of what we'd like to believe about our employees, most of us can be good at only so many systems simultaneously.Happy Customers!

If you are a Microsoft shop, why waste resources and risk your company's reputation working on web-based Unix operating systems where the proper security configuration may be foreign to you? By outsourcing the stuff you don't know, you free up time to focus on your core skills to provide maximum value to your customers. 

All the big cloud providers add extra layers of software and complexity, making it far more dependent on multiple cloud providers, and less secure than it could be. AWS, Azure and Google Compute Engine have hundreds if not thousands of system administrators with access to your client's data.  How secure is that?  The wonderful stories about the cloud's high-tech automatic provisioning, expansion of resources, and dynamic bandwidth is, sadly, one few SMBs will ever realize. Besides, not all clients want their data in cloud. For them, we offer the alternative.

WSW3 Networks provisions fully customized, preconfigured, managed web application servers to IT Consultants and Managed Service Providers who need a dependable partner in open-source, UNIX web server hosting for their clients. Our systems are secured, redundant, reliable, and not in some proprietary cloud-based distributed system.  Genuine FreeBSD has been handling our busiest, business web servers for over 15 years and professional web application hosting on fast, SuperMicro servers is the solution for many small to medium businesses and MSPs. Our customer service is US-based, experienced, responsible, and top-notch.

Running rock-solid, FreeBSD Unix outside the cloud is the best way to contain your customers data and improve their business workflow performance, uninterrupted by cloud outages or complex configuration issues stemming from having too many distributed services, not to mention sensitive data, across the internet.

By running your client's legacy and newer web applications on a traditional, managed, dedicated, FreeBSD Unix Server with WSW3 Networks you will have peace of mind, knowing our preconfigured deployment, 99.999% uptime, and regular security updates are keeping your client's data safe and available to those who need it, when they need it.

WSW3 Networks - Whole Systems for the World Wide Web

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