SSL/TLS Certificates for Financial and Healthcare Data Security

Encryption for HIPAA, PCI compliance, and best practices for data privacy. SSL provides greater customer satisfaction and search engine visibility.
  • Positive SSL Secure Certificates

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    • Basic encryption for running and positively identifying your website securely over the secure, https protocol. Just $1.99/month (1 year purchase required).
  • Comodo SSL Secure Certificates

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    • Comodo SSL Certificates offer superior security for professional-grade encryption, identify verification, along with a higher insurance payout for SSL-related data loss!
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates

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    • Wildcard SSL Certificates offer big savings and flexibility giving you an UNLIMITED number of secure subdomains that can be used across any number of IP addresses.
  • Secure Messaging by WordSecure

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    • WordSecure is a web-based, secure messaging business portal as a service for HIPAA and protected information. It's the easiest way to send information securely.